Below are source and binaries for the Spice 2g6 electrical circuit simulation software. It seems that 2g6 has been hard to find...

Unpack the above zipfile and run "spice < large.inp" from a command window to generate test output; compiled with cygwin, dll included.

Please note that Spice 2g.6 in general, and specifically the spice.exe DOS version, is really intolerant of carriage returns in the input program - the cygwin version of the "tr" utility can remove them with: tr -d "\\r" < input.txt | spice --however, the MinGW version of tr found at will quietly and politely put the carriage returns back in for you, so don't use it in this case. You can check your input for carriage returns with od -c input.txt (if you see \r, spice will not run the input). For this reason, cygwin versions of tr and od are included with the Windows version.


Linux Spice binary, compiled static. Should run on most distributions?


Custom modified source code, found long, long ago. Still works!

Berkeley's site for Spice source (courtesy of one of the authors of 2g.6) is found above.

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